Body Autonomy

Hi guys!images

So there’s always this nagging voice in the back of my head saying “a passionate person from one side and a passionate person from the opposite side does not necessarily make a balanced world.”  I don’t want my friends and readers to think that because they have a dietary regimen or because dietary restrictions have lead to weight loss or that because they changed their lifestyle because they discovered they have high cholesterol or because they just naturally have a conventionally attractive body that I want to shame them.  If I thought that, I’d be no better than the oppression I’m trying to escape.  We’re all on different parts of our journey.  We all have different and beautiful bodies.

I truly believe that people are capable of making their own health decisions.  This is a concept of body autonomy.

If you want to diet, I’ll still be your friend.  If you want to eat your birthday cake leftovers for every meal during the days following your birthday, I’ll still be your friend (I have done both of those things.  I really like cake.).

However, this does not mean that I have to keep my opinion to myself regarding things I am enthusiastic about.  Those who are close to me know that I am a caring person who can easily maintain respect for those with whom I have a divergence of opinion or lifestyle.  I do not think that opinions will change if we keep our ideas to ourselves and I will advocate for concepts and movements for which I have much passion.

Dictating that my friends abstain from dieting or insisting that they fit into a mold that works for me is just as bad as the body-shaming food-policing culture I am attempting to break away from

So, in short: Be safe.  Be healthy.  Be confident.  Be yourself.


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