Why Am I Writing This Blog?


Even as a preschooler, I thought I was more rotund than the other kids. But chicks still dug me. Haha. I crack myself up. That’s me and my dad circa 1989. Farm kids always have
the best show and tell!

I’ve been a size activist most of my life and didn’t realize it. From a young age, I did consider myself to be fat and thought that being fat changed the way others perceived me and the way I perceived myself. I never thought that being judged by my weight instead of my character and accomplishments was fair. Unlike many of my peers, I grew up in a super body-positive household. The subject of my weight as being a negative attribute was never brought up at home (partially because about one-half of my immediate family are fellow fat people like me). I ate a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables and was physically active. I was funny, got good grades, was an accomplished musician and had a great work ethic. But to many people, I was fat first and all those wonderful things second.

In college, I delved into the more academic principles of feminism and weight acceptance. I began to realize that there were complex systems in place to shame fat people and to equate what you ate with your own self-control. I read countless medical studies that proved activity levels and diet are what matters NOT an arbitrary weight to height ratio (BMI is the WORST). It made sense that a capitalist society would sensationalize a “disease” that doesn’t actually kill (except in EXTREME cases) because companies want to make profits off diet plans that nearly always fail, and pharmaceutical companies want to profit off medicines that can’t really ever “cure” obesity. Doing my proverbial homework about fat acceptance made me feel EMPOWERED.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve dieted. I’ve looked in the mirror and hated what I saw. I’ve felt guilty after eating a second slice of cake. I’ve said to myself “Why can’t I just be pretty with no modifiers?” when people said “You’re pretty. For a chubby girl.” But I want to write this blog to help set the record straight. To tell people you can be healthy emotionally and physically at any size and to have some fun while I’m doing it. I’m glad you stopped by and took the time to read this and hope we can be friends on this blogging adventure. Cheers!-Leah


A more current picture of me (and my loving husband). You know, to prove I’m a real person and such.


2 thoughts on “Why Am I Writing This Blog?

  1. I am SO happy I stumbled upon this blog! You seem to be the type of women we need most in this world, body positive plus size babes! I can’t wait to see what all you have to share and excited to read more from you. 🙂

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